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How Does Novus Collaborate With Both Local and Global Communities?

We believe that the strength of our business lies in the strength of our communities. Novus maintains a long tradition of involvement and support for the communities in which we live and serve. During 2011, the total amount of cash donated globally by Novus for community causes amounted to $629,665, of which 18% represented employee donations that Novus matched on a one-for-one basis. In addition, hundreds of Novus employees volunteered for events to support our communities. Most of our efforts focus on supporting awareness for sustainable agriculture, food security, arts and culture and solidarity with our communities in times of need, and include partnerships, old and new, with worthy and important organizations that share our values and work to advance a sustainable world.

World Egg Day Scott Answers Questions

Partnerships for Sustainable Development

AWARD Scholar, Dr. Salome Mutayoba Sokoine,
Univiversity of Tanzania

African Women in Agricultural Research and Development

Novus entered our second year of partnership with the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) program in 2011. The AWARD program is helping to fast-track the careers of outstanding African women agricultural scientists and providing premier opportunities to research specific nutrition solutions to food security issues in their home countries and regional economic communities.

In January, we welcomed our second AWARD Research Fellow, Dr. Salome Mutayoba, to work with our R&D group at our headquarters facility. Salome is a poultry nutrition scientist from Tanzania whose work focuses on improving the nutritional value and availability of affordable chicken in the diets of rural Tanzanians. Salome's research at Novus was based on ingredients available in Tanzania. She sent samples of the feed she developed for Tanzanian poultry diets back to her country for testing in local conditions. Now back in Tanzania, Salome will mentor other women scientists. She will be a role model for young people. She plans to continue teaching and will provide consulting advice to Tanzania's poultry production sector. For more information about the AWARD program, see: http://awardfellowships.org.

Educating Children about Healthy Eating Habits

In 2011, Novus established a new partnership with the Progressive Agriculture Foundation® (PAF) to educate children about healthy eating habits in an effort to help curb the growing obesity epidemic among children and adolescents. We are working together to develop healthy lifestyle lessons that will be provided through the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day® program and will enable rural communities to find ways to have a healthier school lunch program for rural youth. The Progressive Agriculture Safety Day program is the largest rural safety and health education program for children in North America and a program of the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation. The Foundation's mission is to provide education and training to make farm, ranch and rural life safer and healthier for children and their communities.

Novus issued a Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Grant, matching up to $110,000 in contributions, for the pilot project to support five school-based safety and health day programs selected to receive resources that educate children about living a healthy lifestyle. Educational lessons focus on the food pyramid, the importance of eating healthy foods and the need to engage in physical activity. The same five communities selected during the pilot phase of the project will also hold health and nutrition symposiums that will discuss ways of providing healthier food choices for children in school cafeterias.

"Educating young individuals, and their parents, about leading healthy lifestyles is the first step in the fight to reduce childhood obesity. As children grow mentally and physically, it is important that they have access to knowledge and resources that will help them develop healthy eating and lifestyle habits at an early age. From improving access to healthy food choices to getting children more physically active, we each have a responsibility to combat this growing epidemic."

Thad Simons,
Novus President and CEO

Teaching Kids Where Food Comes From

The Novus Sales Division in the U.S. sponsors participation in Provider Pals® for the fifth graders at Tri County Intermediate School, in Wolcott, Indiana. Provider Pals is a non-profit organization that helps children learn where their food and other resources come from by establishing a pen-pal relationship with a real producer (rancher, farmer, logger, commercial fisherman, etc.). The children have access to the Provider Pals website for a full year, interact with their provider monthly, and then meet their provider in person during a school visit. The concept behind the program is that children who are raised in urban environments will know where their food comes from and understand how agricultural resources are managed. For more information about Provider Pals, see: www.providerpals.com.

Supporting Economic Growth in Haiti

Throughout 2011, Novus was instrumental in a capital campaign to raise $3,000,000 that would allow Meds & Food for Kids (MFK) to complete construction of a factory in Haiti. This factory will provide jobs and support for 1,000 Haitian peanut farmers. By meeting the standards of large-scale production of international aid organizations that purchase and distribute the treatment products, the factory will become financially selfsustaining by 2015. A ribbon cutting ceremony will mark the opening of the factory in 2012.

Partnering to Advance Agribusiness in Africa

In February 2011, Novus partnered in the launch of two major agribusiness development programs designed to enhance sustainable food security in Africa and overcome the barriers to economic investment in the continent's agribusiness sector. The programs are sponsored by the Corporate Council on Africa and the National 4-H Council.

The Agribusiness Working Group of the Corporate Council on Africa launched 'It's Time For Agribusiness in Africa: Are You Being Left Behind?' with a program featuring industry leaders, federal government officials and African trade experts. Novus participated in a private sector panel at the event discussing innovation and technology transfer in the agricultural value chain.

The National 4-H Council, the USDA's National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), Cooperative Extension, and private sector partners launched 'Exploring the Potential of a Global 4-H.' The program links programs in the United States with others around the world and develops a global network that employs the 4-H model to create sustainable livelihoods and improve economic security for young people. Novus participated in this launch and committed to ongoing support for this program.

Collaborating with a Customer for Food Security in Africa

Although best known as a leading dairy company, Land O'Lakes, Inc. also is the third-largest seed company in the U.S., a leading distributor of crop protection products, the largest livestock feed manufacturer in North America, and the second largest farmer-owned cooperative in the U.S. In 2011, Land O'Lakes launched an initiative to boost agricultural productivity in Kenya as a response to the food crisis prevalent in that country. The program involved assisting farmers in the use of seeds, chemical fertilizer management, crop protection and livestock management. Land O'Lakes partnered with private sector partner companies which donated inputs and in-kind services to establish "Jibu Plot" sites as pilot systems for learning sound, sustainable farming practices and demonstrating new technologies alongside traditional practices. Novus was proud to partner with this program with a focus on Improving Animal Nutrition to raise farmers' awareness about well balanced, nutritious diets for cattle, sheep, goats and poultry to increase milk, meat and egg yields.

More Novus Valued Community Partnerships and Memberships

Novus continues to work with a range of partnerships which have been established in previous years and continues to make a contribution to sustainable development in local communities around the world. These include: Heifer International, The World Agricultural Forum, Med and Food for Kids, SAI Platform, Missouri Colleges Fund, Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden, Vitamin Angels and more.

In addition, Novus maintains membership in a wide range of associations and in some cases, maintains a seat on the board. Novus maintains membership in a wide range of trade and industry associations in several countries, engaging in dialog, supporting industry and sector development and helping to develop industry-wide approaches for the benefit of all. In some cases, Novus managers hold voluntary board positions in these associations. For a representative list of over 170 trade and industry associations that Novus engages with, see the Novus 2010 Sustainability Report.

Employees Volunteer and Donate to Support our Communities

The Novus Art Walk and the Arts & Education Council:Novus is a generous contributor to the St. Louis Arts and Education Council (AEC). Employees increased their giving to the 2011 AEC Annual Giving Campaign in 2011 and a total donation, including the matching gift by Novus, amounted to $7,700. At the conclusion of the campaign, nearly 400 guests joined us for the third annual Novus Art Walk to enjoy food, drink, live music and the work of more than 30 artists and arts organizations.

Continued Support for United Way and the St. Louis Area Food Bank: Novus has been a proud supporter of United Way for many years. Employees went above and beyond for our 2011 United Way Annual Giving Campaign. In 2011, a total donation to United Way of $137,635 (including the Novus match) was made. As part of our campaign, Novus employees volunteered their time to package food at the St. Louis Area Food Bank, where the team packaged over 15,000 meals for the hungry. In addition, Novus donated $10,508 to the St. Louis Area Food Bank, following a food drive supported by 250 employees who collected more than $5,000 in cash and over 4,000 pounds of non-perishable food. Novus matched the employees' cash donation.

Michael Whitmer, Global Poultry Marketing Manager, and other Novus employees package food at the St. Louis Area Food Bank
Michael Whitmer, Global Poultry Marketing Manager, and other Novus employees package food at the St. Louis Area Food Bank

World Food Day: World Food Day is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year-around action to alleviate hunger. It is observed each October 16th in recognition of the founding of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in 1945. In 2011, Novus employees joined more than 3,000 volunteers at the Danforth Plant Science Center for the center's second annual World Food Day Commemoration. Over the course of two days, the center prepared 523,000 meals for malnourished people living in sub-Saharan Africa. Volunteers converted thousands of pounds of Missouri rice, soy protein, dried vegetables and vitamins into meal packages for a small community in crisis in Africa.

9/11 Day of Service and Rememberance Project.
9/11 Day of Service and Rememberance Project.

9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance Project: 2011 marked the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, a moment that through tragedy brought together cultures, bridged differences and united citizens of goodwill around the world in a spirit of unity and commitment. In collaboration with the United Way, Novus employees participated in a 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance Project. Fifteen volunteers worked with refugees at the International Institute's Global Farm to harvest for the Saturday market, plant fall crops and prepare for the coming season. For more information on the Global Farms, visit: www.iistl.org/globalfarm.html.

Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts around the World

Solidarity with our Friends in Japan: In March 2011, the most powerful earthquake ever to hit Japan triggered a powerful tsunami and widespread devastation in North Eastern Japan, killing over 15,000 people, injuring close to 30,000 and destroying or partially destroying close to one million buildings. The total estimated cost for this disaster, according to the World Bank, was over $230 billion. Novus supported our friends and colleagues in Japan by partnering with our parent company, Mitsui & Co. (USA), Inc., on a special and unlimited dollar-for-dollar matching campaign in support of disaster relief efforts, raising a total of over $30,000.

Supporting our Community in Joplin: In May 2011, the third tornado to strike Joplin since 1971 hit the city causing widespread devastation and ranking as one of Missouri's deadliest tornadoes. One hundred and sixty people died, over 900 were injured and many were left without basic utilities for many days. The tornado caused damage up to an estimated value of $3 billion. Joplin, a city in southwest Missouri, is close to the manufacturing facility of ESM Technologies, a Stratum Nutrition company and part of the Novus community. ESM immediately engaged employees in a volunteer day in Joplin to help rebuild the community.

Helping our Colleagues in Thailand: In mid-2011, heavy monsoon rains drenched Southeast Asia, causing mudslides and widespread flooding along the Mekong River. Parts of Thailand experienced the worst floods in half a century, as water inundated villages, farms and factories. Over eight million people in Thailand were affected by the flooding, and economic losses were massive. In the Novus Thailand office, which employs 33 people, all hands were on deck to help out in this difficult time. Despite transportation difficulties, and the option for staff to work from home, all came to the office to ensure customer needs were met, as far as circumstances allowed. Logistics and Sales staff made arrangements to relocate products to maintain supply, even when roads were flooded. When the work day ended for Novus employees, many went on to volunteer, filling sandbags, pumping water and delivering relief to others in need. Novus staff purchased eggs and water and supplied these in the areas that were short of food and water. All staff tirelessly gave time, money and energy to help others, even though they were also victims of the floods.

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