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How Does Novus Help Customers to Succeed?

The way Novus collaborates with customers to help them succeed in all parts of the world is one of the most significant keys to Novus’s strong expansion during the past 20 years. Achieving optimal animal health through nutritional balance requires deep understanding of local conditions, local raw materials used in animal nutrition and locally specific challenges. Novus engages closely and collaboratively with our customers in their communities, working to understand their specific challenges and opportunities, and support their safe and healthy operations. Novus is committed to offering sustainable, science-based nutritional and health solutions that are relevant to each local marketplace where Novus does business and to each local customer. 

Customer Relations Based on Trust

During the course of Novus’s relationships with customers, we are exposed to many detailed aspects of their operations in order to be able to provide the most appropriate innovative product solutions and service. Our ability to work closely with customers in this way is based on the highest levels of integrity and mutual trust, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations with regard to products and their supply. Novus respects customer privacy and never relays information to third parties or publishes any information about customers’ operations without prior consent. 

Assessing the Environmental Impacts of Novus Products

Novus is acutely aware that using Novus products delivers environmental benefits for Novus customers. In almost all cases, in addition to nutritional and health benefits for animals and productivity benefits for farmers, the use of Novus specialty feed supplements delivers an environmental benefit. Given that more customers are becoming aware of and are keen to manage their own environmental impacts, in 2010, Novus embarked upon a groundbreaking program to assess the detailed impacts of all Novus specialty products, so that customers can evaluate their own environmental performance and also predict the nature and level of their environmental effects when using certain feed ingredients.

In order to perform these complex analyses, Novus engaged a leading sustainability consulting firm, Natural Capital Solutions. The beneficial environmental effects of using Novus products which were examined included:

  • Avoided Fertilizer (Nitrates and Phosphates) Use and Run-Off
  • Avoided Fuel Use
  • Avoided Greenhouse Gases (GHG)
  • Avoided Fishery Decline
  • Avoided Dairy Energy/GHG
  • Avoided Pesticide Use
  • Avoided Antibiotic Use
  • Avoided Water Use
  • Reduced Manure
  • Reduced Ammonia
  • Reduced Pathogen Outbreak
  • Reduced Mineral Demand
  • Reduced Mineral Excretion

During 2011, the first results were obtained for a range of products and these look favorable. For example, using one gram of a Novus antioxidant product, farmers can theoretically realize over 5% feed reduction per 500g of meat produced, over 2% manure reduction and avoid up to 5g of Nitrate and Phosphate fertilizer use, up to 62g of fuel CO2 emissions and over 200g of manure generation. These results are still too early to confirm and require further analysis, which Novus plans to perform. Initially, this tool looks to offer a highly promising framework for environmental impact management throughout the entire food supply chain.

A Case in Point — Reducing Minerals Excretion in Poultry

MEGA Tierernährung is a company headquartered in Rechterfeld, which is located in Lower Saxony, Germany. MEGA is a company of the PHW group which is part of an association of internationally active companies in the fields of agrarian economy, nutrition and health and is a supplier of Wiesenhof, Germany's No. 1 poultry brand. MEGA, one of the leading manufacturers of poultry feed in Germany, was founded in 1972 and manufactures over 1.2 million tons per year of high-quality poultry food at five locations. When the customer approached Novus with a problem relating to the welfare and health of their chicken flocks due to high levels of minerals excretion, Novus was able to present our MINTREX line and demonstrate that chickens excrete fewer minerals in their feces when fed a diet including MINTREX. This provides not only a health benefit for the birds, but also an important environmental benefit.

"I am very impressed by the science and the knowledge behind the launch of the MINTREX line. I have never been a friend of organic trace minerals; however, Novus's perspective on sustainability and welfare goes in the direction our integration goes."

Dr Jürgen Hartmann,
MEGA Tierernährung

For more information about Mega Tierernährung, see: www.mega-tierernaehrung.de/.

Real-Time Knowledge to Help Customers Understand Poultry Health

During 2011, the Novus Veterinarian Activity Team has been working to develop a Windows-based application to monitor the health status of poultry livestock by performing an autopsy on all the health systems of birds which have died. Using all the observations in this application, customers can gain a fast, timely, comprehensive view of health problems in chickens and can monitor if vaccinations have been effective. Farmers can view the real-time report with connectivity to the internet and can synchronize current data to historic information and observe changes. Taking a preventive approach helps customers become more efficient. By examining dead birds, it is possible to identify potential problems to prevent the rest of the flock from becoming affected by the same problems. Novus customers will be provided with both software and hardware to use this system for complete and independent use of the application. This program is targeted to launch in 2012.

Customer Collaboration for Shared Benefit in Brazil

In Brazil, Novus maintains a Customer Advisory Committee (CAC) which provides customers with the opportunity to discuss key issues that affect the broiler industry. A group of approximately 25 members, including Novus customers and industry specialists, attempt to work together to address a common problem. Customer representatives tend to be the Technical or Quality Managers or Directors of Nutritional Services of their respective organizations. In 2011, the CAC identified the common topic of optimizing nutrition to maximize the amount of meat output from a meat processing plant. The CAC team members worked together, conducting literature reviews as well as leveraging their own networks, defined a research plan and sponsored the research. The CAC members collaborated to define the protocol and details for a trial, identified a university and trusted professor to run the research and present the results for the entire group. Since 2009, the CAC has published three trials summarizing the scientific contribution of the common efforts. Several member companies are implementing the learning from such research in their operations.

Adapting to Customer Needs in Africa

Novus is rapidly expanding its reach in several countries on the African continent and part of this expansion is based on a keen responsiveness to customer needs. In many countries, smallholder family farmers cannot afford the initial outlay for value-added feed ingredients, even though these are more economic through the long term. In order to ensure these farmers do not miss out on the opportunity to make their operations more profitable and more sustainable, in 2011, Novus introduced customer-sized packaging for key products, ensuring local accessibility. In addition, Novus is exploiting diverse channels to reach remote farmers in countries such as Uganda, Kenya and East Africa. This includes use of mobile phones for communications and the provision of technical support, and also a trial of sales via retail outlets in remote areas, enabling local availability of product to hundreds of farmers who it would otherwise take several days or even weeks to supply.

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