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How Does the Novus Supply Chain Support Sustainability?

Novus maintains a complex supply chain spanning many countries and hundreds of raw material ingredients. Ensuring excellence in the supply chain underpins Novus's ability to deliver its mission of helping to feed the world affordable, wholesome food. This requires Novus to adhere to the most stringent global standards of quality, safety, hygiene, operational efficiency and sustainable, environmentally friendly practices, supported by the professional skill and engagement of all Novus supply chain employees.

Quality in the Novus Supply Chain 

Novus places the utmost emphasis on quality in all manufacturing and supply processes. Novus’s approach is encompassed in the Novus Quality System (NQS) which defines quality policies and procedures for all Novus operations, including procedures relating to manufacturing processes, control of impurities, traceability of raw materials, documentation and labeling. The NQS requires that all technical specifications are accurately prepared and enforced. In many cases, the standards that Novus sets for itself in the NQS are higher than local standards required in certain countries in which Novus operates. Novus sales specifications summarize the functionality of each product and provide customers with a Novus guarantee of quality and functionality. Technical specifications of Novus products can be downloaded from Novus’s website. 

Novus’s plants adhere to nine different third party certification programs to ensure quality in all aspects of Novus’s operations in 24 separate certification programs across all plants. These include: ISO 9000, ISO 18000, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18000, FAMI-QS, HACCP, GMP, Safe Feed/Safe Food and Kosher certifications. 

Quality Assurance (QA) is maintained through a global HQ function with local QA officers at each production location. Novus customers are regularly welcomed at all Novus plants to inspect quality procedures, audit production, review product release processes and inspect quality assurance systems. 

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Award Winning Supply Technology

In 1993, Novus pioneered the concept of vendor-managed inventory for feed ingredient bulk liquids with the introduction of a patented automated remote monitoring system known as AIMS®. This system now provides daily inventory management of Novus's ALIMET® feed supplement and SANTOQUIN® feed preservative bulk liquid ingredients at all customer locations across North America via the latest satellite communications and internet-based remote monitoring technology. The AIMS system allows customers to use bulk liquids without requiring them to maintain and store containers, drums or totes, reducing material consumption and waste in an environmentally friendly way. The AIMS system achieves maximum reliability in reporting accurate data without interruption. This is the key for maintaining continuous customer supply.

In April 2011, Novus was proud to be honored by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) which awarded Novus with the first AFIA Information Technology (IT) Innovation Award, recognizing AIMS as Novus's advanced sustainable supply chain service solution.

In 2011, reliability tracking improved to a consistent 98.9%, the highest reliability ever.

Sourcing from Qualified Suppliers

Novus engages with suppliers on the basis of best fit with Novus's product and service requirements based on a variety of parameters including quality, traceability, technical specification and service responsiveness. The Global Procurement team at Novus utilizes a range of systems to qualify new suppliers. As a first stage, Novus visits major suppliers to review their supply processes and compliance with ethical standards of doing business. Thereafter, Novus evaluates suppliers against a comprehensive checklist covering quality, safety and overall capability to meet Novus's technical specifications. A regular visit schedule with suppliers is maintained in order to engage in dialog and review performance and all other aspects of our shared business.

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Managing with Responsible Care®

Novus is certified by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) as a Responsible Care® Management System (RCMS) company for its headquarters and Chocolate Bayou, TX facilities. Responsible Care is a voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry focused on improving performance, communication and accountability. Responsible Care commits companies, through their national or regional chemical associations, to work together to continuously improve the health, safety and environmental performance of their products and processes. It is a major contribution by the industry in achieving sustainable development.

To maintain RCMS certification, Novus is audited every three years by an independent certified auditor.

For more about Responsible Care, please visit: www.responsiblecare.org.

Empowering Communities through Procurement

One aspect of the way Novus approaches purchasing is in the consideration of the way procurement activities can develop and empower communities, wherever possible. An example of this is in the area of pigments. Novus purchases a large majority of the yearly marigold oleoresin global output. Since 2010, more farmers in China and India are converting to marigold producers. Novus's requirements provide direct labor for about 35,000 farmers in developing communities. By forward contracting, farmers can ensure a forecast income at fixed prices and therefore have confidence that their investment will be rewarded by helping to reduce the risk of market price fluctuations. Marigold helps small holder, low-income farmers manage a sustainable income as it is relatively easy to cultivate and does not require expensive packaging or processing. In sourcing marigold, Novus visits the suppliers and the plantations, aiming to ensure fair compensation for farmers while also requiring ethical practices, and audits suppliers to prevent risk of child or forced labor. Local governments also monitor these operations.

Encouraging Local Supply

As a global business, Novus works with hundreds of suppliers in many countries to support its diverse manufacturing requirements. While many of these suppliers provide materials and services for Novus facilities locally, in the country in which the product or service is used, local suppliers cannot always be given preference in current supplier selection systems. Novus recognizes that encouraging local supply can be a significant positive element in supporting local economies and works collaboratively with local suppliers wherever possible. This is demonstrated in Novus's commitment to establishing local manufacturing in strategic markets for which raw materials are often locally sourced. In addition, Novus contributes to local sourcing in an indirect way. For example, use of Novus's chelated trace minerals enables customers to use local raw materials in animal feed instead of importing feedstocks. In working closely with customers to understand their needs, Novus assists them in developing feed mixes that utilize available, local raw materials.

Product Stewardship Program

It is imperative to Novus to ensure that all our products are delivered to our customers around the world in a way which enables customers to understand how our products conform to health and safety standards and how the products are intended to be used. Novus ensures that all product marketing to customers is conducted with the utmost integrity and that all product claims are verified thoroughly in accordance with Novus internal standards.

Novus maintains The Product Stewardship Code supported by a Product Stewardship Program which is a detailed manual of all related procedures. This is one of the seven American Chemistry Council Responsible Care Codes of Management Practice to which Novus adheres. The goal of Product Stewardship is to make environmental, health, safety and security an important part of designing, manufacturing, selling, distributing, using, recycling and disposal of our products. Product Stewardship involves listening to customers concerns, enhancing Novus and customer EHS&S information and integrating EHS&S into all aspects of business activities and decisions. An estimated 95% of Novus manufactured products conform to the rigorous requirements of the Product Stewardship Code.

Product Safety Assessment

Prior to marketing, Novus products are assessed using a methodology called The Product Safety Assessment (PSA) and re-evaluated at least once every five years. The PSA ensures that Novus has a thorough understanding of product risk through the identification of hazards (e.g. toxicity, physical properties), exposure concerns, regulatory issues and ultimate product disposition. Re-evaluation of product safety is triggered by new toxicity or hazard data, process changes or customer concerns.

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