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How Does Novus Enhance the Quality of Human Life?

Stratum Nutrition is the arm of Novus that partners with customers in the consumer food industry by providing functional and specialty ingredients used to enhance the nutritional value of foods, beverages and dietary supplements. The purpose of Stratum Nutrition is to provide “Health through Nutrition” solutions for people by leveraging unique ingredient technologies and scientific and clinical research. 

Stratum Nutrition “Empowers Product Innovation” through its innovative ingredients which provide functional solutions for focused health platforms such as cardiovascular health, digestive health, bone and joint health and oral and dental health. A young business created in 2009, Stratum Nutrition today offers a broad range of products, selling in over 20 countries. During 2011, Stratum significantly expanded its offering with a range of key new products which offer sustainable benefits for health, engaging in strategic partnerships for the development and commercialization of the most advanced technologies. 

Partnering in Research for Food Fiber for the Heart 


ARTINIA® is an innovative, novel, all-natural, non- GMO, non-allergenic fiber food ingredient that supports healthy arteries as a new approach to cardiovascular health. In recent trials performed by Stratum Nutrition in collaboration with the German Institute for Food Technology, ARTINIA has been found to significantly reduce oxidized LDL by 9.5% in subjects who consumed 4.5g ARTINIA per day compared to a placebo group. Scientific research suggests that oxidized LDL is the precursor to plaque formation in the arteries — a process that can have a damaging effect on a healthy heart and arteries. In addition, Stratum engaged with the American Institute of Baking to perform a pilot-scale study of the functional performance of ARTINIA in baking white pan bread. The results of this study demonstrated that the ingredient can be successfully incorporated into baked products such as bread, muffins, cookies, etc., while retaining its cardiovascular health-promoting properties. ARTINIA was even shown to increase moisture retention in baked products, thereby enabling a reduction of other chemical dough conditioners and additives, making ARTINIA a relevant innovation to support heart health and well-being in a universal way. A number of Fortune 100 food companies are currently evaluating ARTINIA in various applications such as cereal, nutritional bars and more, so its potential to be a game-changer in health is significant. 

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Making More of Eggshells in a Sustainable Way

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In 2011, Stratum Nutrition consolidated its earlier technology alliance with ESM Technologies by acquiring a significant interest in the company. In 2002, ESM discovered the patented technology that utilizes an environmentally friendly manufacturing process to separate eggshells and eggshell membrane to optimize utilization of the nutrients within each. This led to a collaboration to globally expand the use of ESM's egg-derived nutritional ingredients, based on eggshell membrane (NEM®) and eggshell calcium (ESC®), in dietary supplement products for animals and humans to support healthy joints and bones. One of the first products jointly formulated with NEM was for equine applications, but today, Stratum Nutrition is able to offer these ingredients in human food supplements with scientifically proven success in improving joint health.

The health effectiveness of NEM and ESC has been proven in several clinical and pre-clinical research programs, adding a scientific substance to product claims. Thirtyday human clinical trials conducted in 2010 show that significant joint pain can be reduced in 7 to 10 days. A pre-clinical research program conducted in 2011 (published online in the Journal of Medicinal Food [2012]) confirms the ability of NEM to reduce joint pain and stiffness due to its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, safety and toxicology studies have been conducted by independent research laboratories and confirm the products are completely safe for human consumption, which supports the expansion of NEM into the food and beverage industry for the benefit of consumers throughout the world. NEM and ESC are inherently sustainable products, utilizing a manufacturing wastestream to create added-value ingredients. Eggshells are sourced from Missouri or surrounding states and are the by-product of the egg and food industry, which generates hundreds of thousands of tons of eggshell waste each year that is typically sent to landfills. By creating a use for discarded eggshells in human and animal nutrition, not only have Stratum and ESM delivered an innovative, effective product for human and animal health care, but also made a contribution to the reduction of the environmental impact of the food industry and reduced food industry costs through avoidance of high landfill fees. The minimal volume of eggshell calcium that is the byproduct of manufacturing NEM and ESC is used in fertilizer applications, thereby ensuring the entire process generates nearly zero waste.

effect of NEM on joint pain

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