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Novus International
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Message from the CEO

Our Global Community

Sustainability for Novus, at its core, is the use of science and knowledge-based development to create and innovate. We operate not in a vacuum, but in a complex web of global interconnections, each influencing outcomes, risks and opportunities for all. Our approach to creativity and innovation rests on one core proposition: we are part of a global community, comprised of local communities in all parts of the world, and our impacts are inextricably linked to the ability of these communities to partner with us in creation and innovation. When the community thrives, so does Novus.

Our Role in Society

As a global, growing business, Novus provides income for hundreds of employees, supports economic development through sustainable agriculture, pays taxes to governments and returns a healthy profit to shareholders, but what more do we offer the world? This question guides us on a daily basis. Our answers define the way we manage our business and, more importantly, the way each of us as individuals engages with our joint purpose to deliver positive impact.

Our Vision

Our vision, “to help feed the world wholesome, affordable food and achieve a higher quality of life,” is a living, vibrant testimony to our view of global sustainability and the role we can play to advance this shared aspiration. Everything we do at Novus converges around this core aim, inspiring us in the way we conceive and develop products, the way we invest in education, the way we uphold our responsibilities as an employer, the way we manage our supply chain and the way we communicate with our stakeholders. Our vision extends beyond the actions we take. It is realized in the positive impacts we generate and the benefits our stakeholders gain through their interaction with Novus. In the 2011 Sustainability Report, our fourth, we share the advances we have made toward the achievement of our mission and the impacts that are outcomes of our activities. We look forward to receiving your feedback and insights.

Our Business Context

2011 was not without challenges for Novus’s customers. General economic pressure, including sharp increases in basic feed prices, has put agricultural producers in a price squeeze. New regulations for food and feed safety and animal welfare require producers to invest heavily in safety, quality and new models of business. Continuing population growth is leading to greater demand and exceeding current capabilities to ensure a sustainable food supply. Continued natural resource depletion places unprecedented strain on our global environmental sustainability. Urbanization is driving people away from agriculture and valuable skills are being lost. One billion people are unhealthy, suffering from obesity, while one billion do not have enough nutritious food to eat. Consolidation of food and feed industry players around the world is changing the industry and its dynamics. Novus’s ability to deliver sustainable value in animal agriculture requires a deep understanding of the environments in which our customers operate and the delivery of innovative solutions to help them navigate these challenges.

Our Business Advances

2011 saw Novus expand its business in all areas of the globe, from Kuwait to Kenya, from St. Louis to Shanzhou, from Chennai to Cape Town and from Mauritius to Mexico. We are now present in over 95 countries, including our first customer in Fiji. In 2011, we launched our first European Research Center in Spain. We expanded our business partnerships with ESM Technologies, LLC and Verenium Corporation. We launched new offerings to the market such as PREVIDA® prebiotic and new pigments for more sustainable feed and health solutions. We advanced animal well-being with the extension of our C.O.W.S. program. We delivered new offerings in human nutrition and well-being by conducting new research on the benefits of ARTINIA® for cardiovascular health. We have restructured our organization to become more customer-focused, more efficient and more responsive.

We maintained our commitments to communities with educational programs such as Novus Scholars. We engaged to improve the environmental impacts of our activities and to help our customers improve theirs. 2011 was a year of significant progress for our business, our customers, our employees and all stakeholders, fitting for a year in which we celebrated Novus International’s 20th Anniversary.

Our Shared Future

As we look forward to 2012 and beyond, we celebrate Collaboration and Community and a shared commitment to Solutions, Service and Sustainability. In fact, SOLUTIONS SERVICE SUSTAINABILITY is a new Novus trademark, created in early 2012, which aligns with our vision to provide solutions and services that are founded in sustainable principles: Social Sustainability — helping producers meet global food needs; Environmental Sustainability — protecting the environment and preventing excess nutrient excretion; and Economic Sustainability — optimizing nutrient utilization for return on investment.

I would like to thank Novus employees, who work tirelessly and with unbridled passion toward the achievement of our mission, as well as Novus customers, partners, suppliers and all those who contribute to making our sustainability journey as rich and diverse as our world itself. Also, I would like to thank the artists who enrich our lives with their inspired and inspiring works.


Thad Simons
President and CEO
Novus International

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