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Novus International
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How Does Novus Impact Economic Growth?

How Does Novus Impact Economic Growth?

Novus strives to make a positive economic impact in many countries around the globe and in many ways, both directly through the company’s core business and indirectly through the new possibilities that Novus offers to customers, local business partners and local agriculture. Novus’s offering of solutions and service not only enables increased agricultural productivity, it reduces the resources required to deliver food products.

Why is Knowledge Sharing a Key to Prosperity?

Sharing knowledge is a core element of the Novus sustainability approach. We believe that the global and local solutions required for sustainable agriculture and improved global food security and nutrition require the open exchange and collaboration of the broadest spectrum of industry players, producers, integrators, suppliers, academics, regulators and also our future generation of researchers and leaders in sustainable agriculture knowledge and practice.

What Does Novus Do to Inspire Employees?

At Novus, we are committed to a values-based culture in which sustainability priorities are clearly communicated and innovation is rewarded. Additionally, work at Novus is structured with clear accountabilities, enabling every employee to work towards clear expectations with needed resources. We invest in a nurturing working environment and health, wellness and personal development are priorities.

Why Is Environmental Stewardship So Essential to Novus?

We take care to manage the environmental outcomes of all Novus's business activities in a responsible way, striving to optimize resource consumption, while minimizing all associated environmental impacts relating to our use of energy, water, and materials in production and logistics operations around the world.
How Does Novus Help Customers to Succeed?

How Does Novus Help Customers to Succeed?

The way Novus collaborates with customers to help them succeed in all parts of the world is one of the most significant keys to Novus’s strong expansion during the past 20 years. Achieving optimal animal health through nutritional balance requires deep understanding of local conditions, local raw materials used in animal nutrition and locally specific challenges. Novus engages closely and collaboratively with our customers in their communities, working to understand their specific challenges and opportunities, and support their safe and healthy operations.

How Does Novus Collaborate With Both Local and Global Communities?

We believe that the strength of our business lies in the strength of our communities. Novus maintains a long tradition of involvement and support for the communities in which we live and serve. During 2011, the total amount of cash donated globally by Novus for community causes amounted to $629,665, of which 18% represented employee donations that Novus matched on a one-for-one basis. In addition, hundreds of Novus employees volunteered for events to support our communities.  

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